Our privately owned network infrastructure allows us to control the quality of our solutions from end-to-end. We connect all of our network locations using diverse fibre routes to maintain continuous service. Our intelligent MPLS core is designed to monitor network links and automatically reroute traffic to keep services online.

We use a selection of Tier 1 carriers in order to provide the best possible global routes to our customers.


Our data centres are connected using high speed links between 40Gbps and 100Gbps in order to meet our customer demands. We operate a private Optical Transport Network, allowing us to scale and add capacity on-demand.

Proactively Monitored

We proactively monitor all aspects of our network in order to ensure we meet Service Level Agreements and provide continuous service to our customers. Our dedicated Network Operations Centre operates around the clock to ensure issues are dealt with before they can affect your business.

Network Map

Our network provides diverse national coverage to our customers. Connecting a range of data centres accross the UK, our network uses low latency routes to provide the best possible performance.

Our Providers

We work with premium carriers in order to deliver high quality network services to our customers.

  • Cogent
  • Level3
  • LINX
  • IXManchester
  • AMS-IX
  • NL-IX
  • SSE Telecoms
  • Vodafone
  • Gamma
  • BT Wholesale
  • COLT
  • Virgin Media


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18 King William St
United Kingdom